Labor and Birth Doula Bundle

Minimum of two prenatal home visits with continuous telephone support and one optional prenatal visit with your prenatal medical provider. 24 hour on-call availability starting at 38 weeks; with continuous labor and birth support when the time comes to meet your bundle of joy. Recovery and lactation support immediately following birth and one postpartum follow-up home visit.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education Bundle

Approximately six to eight hours of private, in-home education including but not limited to anatomy and physiology of birth, labor stages, relaxation and positioning techniques for labor, breastfeeding, and hospital interventions for mother and baby. Educational hours may be broken down into a few classes and scheduled at your convenience.

Prenatal Nutrition and Wellness Bundle

One hour personalized prenatal nutrition and wellness consultation with two follow up appointments; ideally one in your second and one in your third trimester. Consultation includes but is not limited to nutritional needs for mom and baby during each trimester, foods contraindicated for pregnancy, vitamins and supplements, food intolerance and allergies, optimal sleep, labor preparation, postpartum wellness and meal preparation, and nutrition and wellness for breastfeeding.

Postpartum Doula Mother’s Helper Bundle

Increase your support system after your bundle of joy is born! Six hours of in-home, personalized postpartum assistance including but not limited to breastfeeding support, meal preparation, light housework and laundry, and/or newborn care while you shower or nap! Additional hours are available.

Lactation and Breastfeeding Support Bundle

One hour in-home lactation consultation with two follow up home visits. Consultation includes but is not limited to anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding, optimal positioning for mom and baby, increasing and maintaining milk supply, nutrition for lactation, breast and nipple care, and pumping for returning to work.

Newborn and Infant Care Bundle

One hour prenatal consultation with one follow up home visit, ideally after your bundle of joy arrives. Consultation includes but is not limited to infant feeding (breast and/or formula), sleeping, diapering (disposable and/or cloth), swaddling, and baby-wearing, as well as Daddy and/or sibling preparation.

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